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The selection in your search for a new member of the Management Team or addition to your board of directors is, of course, not an easy task. Because selecting people on the basis of work experience is one thing. However, making a good match based on skills and personality requires extra knowledge. That is why we, at TopProfile Executive Search apply, if desired, a comprehensive researched and proven measurement method. With the result: happy people in successful organizations.

Who is your potential new Management Team or Board Member?

Our accredited consultants are able to make a scan of your current Management Team or Board of Directors and measure the selected candidates by means of a thorough assessment. We do this with the aid of the Analytical Competence Tool, or the ACT® measurement. This is a smart, innovative method that provides a clear and detailed answer to many questions, such as:

  • What qualities does the candidate possess naturally and which qualities aren’t present?
  • Does the candidate use all his qualities in his current position?
  • In what way does the candidate take decisions?
  • How does the candidate react under pressure?
  • Is the candidate a natural leader?

In addition, the ACT® measurement offers the opportunity to take a close look at your current Management Team or Board of Directors and show you the current position of the team. The ACT® measurement is a unique online measurement method that has an eye for the whole person and thus gives direction in the search for the best leader for your organization. The measurement uses words and extensively tested images. It helps us and you to discover who the candidate really is and how that can limit or reinforce the content of the job. Combined with their own experience, our consultants can determine the right match for your organization in this way.

Curious about the application of the ACT® measurement for your organization?

Feel free to contact us for more information, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

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