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Jos Baljet, who has been with TopProfile since 2017, was born in Friesland and has since lived all over, from Den Helder and Curaçao to Rotterdam and Leusden. He studied law at Utrecht University and, inspired by his love of music, decided to specialise in entertainment law. After graduating, Jos made a name for himself as a lawyer and label manager at a record company. Next, he worked in the leisure, hospitality and sports sectors, before ending up in the recruitment & selection business in 2008 as a Senior Consultant. “My travels have taught me how to connect to people and quickly feel at home in a new place. Dynamic work environments where people come first have always been a huge inspiration for me. In order to create strong teams as a leader, I always considered recruitment and selection to be an important aspect of my work. It also ties in well with my role as connector, motivator and optimist and satisfies my natural curiosity. In the end, I decided to make it my job.

What makes TopProfile unique is the interesting and highly diverse group of clients whom we help to resolve organisational issues. I love talking to candidates, but I also enjoy the meetings with clients during which we determine what the organisation needs to become stronger or realise the change it desires. We then contribute to that goal by finding them the perfect candidate.

To me, a mediation process is a success when the client informs us after a year or so that the candidate we selected for them did indeed make a valuable contribution to the organisation’s success. That is a real rush!”

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