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Olav Vergeldt completed the Business Administration programme before going to work in the logistical services sector. After three years, he moved on to a recruitment and selection agency, where he worked for seven years and was responsible for solving personnel issues in the logistics and technical sectors in the regions of Limburg and Brabant. Since 2012, he has been making the most of his experience and expertise at TopProfile. In july 2020, he got promoted to the position of Managing Director.

“I view myself as an open, honest and above all pragmatic person: what you see is what you get. With my strong drive to achieve results in a professional and structured manner, I help TopProfile’s team bring out the best in themselves every single day. Everything I do is powered by my drive to organise and get things done. I also believe that success is the result of doing the right things. Clients can come to me for honest advice: if I think something is not going to work out, I believe we simply should not do it.

At TopProfile, I am mostly drawn to the freedom and the strength in the region. I work in my own backyard, so to speak, I understand the people and have a chance to tackle my various projects in whatever way I see fit. I have both feet planted on the ground, but I also help develop the organisation’s overall strategy. I love translating an organisation’s vision into a solution for the future. I also like seeing the TopProfile consultants enjoy their jobs, hearing about my clients’ positive experiences while working with us and watching a project go exactly according to plan. In other words: I love it when a plan comes together!”

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